Amartya Sinha


Insight: People have been drinking Jäegermeister wrong all these years.

People don't care about the difference correct temperature can make to Jäegermeister.

What do we want to achieve? Get people to drink Jäegermeister at -18° C.

Creative Idea: Jäegermeister starts dropping truth bombs.

We will also invite our followers on social media to share their truth bombs with us on Instagram with the hashtag #mytruthbomb and tag us. We will share a few selected ones and the hundred truth bombs with the most likes will receive a special Jäegermeister Freezer pack that cools Jäegermeister at precisely -18° C.

The template for this will be available for our followers in our stories and we will keep doing posts around it to promote it.


Jäegermeister takes over Toronto’s busiest bar 

We will tie-up with Toronto’s busiest bar (for people between 19 to 29) and ensure that the only ice-cold spirit or drink available at the bar is Jäegermeister and the first shot of Jager is on the house. All other drinks are available only at room temperature and without ice. We will record their reactions throughout the day and release a montage film of reactions post the social media campaign. 

We will also go to other cities in North America like Calgary, Montreal, Vancouver, etc to increase our footfall and spread the word on ground.


Jäegermeister Truth Bombs

We will create a drinking game called Jäegermeister Truth Bombs where people will have to scan the bottle and answer the questions that it throws at them. It’s like truth or dare without the dares, best for a group of friends who are drinking and celebrating together. The questions will keep getting more personal and edgier as the game progresses.


Brand: Jäegermeister (Spec)

Copywriter: Amartya Sinha

Art Director: Shekhar Pandey